Shotgun - Viking Rock

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I'm afraid this ol' teddy boy has lost count here, this could well be the 20th album by Shotgun, the well known British rough-tough rock 'n' roll band led by the one and only Tattooed Sledgehammer of Rock 'n' Roll, Wild Bob Burgos. Of course Bob has set his mark on many superb rockin' recordings from the 60s up till today: Wild Angels, Matchbox, Freddy Fingers Lee, to name but a few.

I must say, I'm pretty impressed by this new Raucous release, because this Shotgun platter finally contains a bunch of brand new recordings, all Shotgun orginals. Sounding good as ever, with Bob still pounding the drums as if his life depended on it. Original rock 'n' roll with a steady beat, just the way I like it. Nice extras are the guest performances of the well known rock 'n' roll piano player Kenneth Swanström and some real hot guitar licks by 'Terrible' Tom Powder (The Black Knights). If you're a Rocker, a Rockabilly or a Teddy Boy, this is one for your collection for sure!

--The BlackCat, 2000--

In days gone by it was The Vikings (Hells Angels in Longboats) who regularly invaded the UK and generally put the wind up the local population - since then Shotgun , the wild men of South London have travelled in the opposite direction causing similar, tough mere good-natured, mayhem en their many trips to Scandinavia. All the tracks on Viking Rock were recorded in Sweden and tour of them feature special guest Kenneth Swanström. Ken is well known for playing piano like Jerry Lee Lewis - so as you can't tell the difference. Like Shotgun he has an established rock and roll pedigree stretching back to the early days.

Shotgun, led by 'Wild' Bob Burgos, are first and foremost a rock and roll band. They always have been. Back in the sixties not everyone was seduced by the sweet sounds of The Beach Boys end the Beatles. Bob Burgos was among those who were not so easily impressed end stayed loyal to Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis end the glory days of the 1950's.

At the beginning the 1970's, when the time was ripe for a return to real music, Bob fulfilled his teenage dreams by becoming the leader of a rock and roll band. In those days, South London was like mini-Chicago with clubs and pubs belting out a heavy mix of rock and roll and rhythm and blues. 'Wild' Bob Burgos, already an established drummer on the scene, met up with 'Rockin' Ray Neale and Rob 'Apeman' Murly and eventually they became Shotgun - a band dedicated to playing raw, explosive rock and roll.

The original line-up is still intact, but with fourth member David Briggs. Throughout the years and their many recording sessions Shotgun have never wavered in their enthusiasm for rock and roll - and this latest CD is no exception. All the numbers are Shotgun originals and from the moment they hit the ground running with 'Rockabilly Boegie To The Beat' the tempo never lets up. This is foot-stomping, barnstorming, butt-shaking, raw and authentic rock and roll at its very best. Go for it.

Liner notes by Chris Woodford,
Now Dig This Magazine (UK)

Shotgun are:
Wild Bob Burgos - Vocals, Drums & Percussion
Rockin' Ray Neal - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Rob 'Apeman' Murly - Lead Vocals, Bass

'Terrible' Tom Powder - Guitar
Kenneth Swanström - Piano

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